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5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Apps and Ebooks

Any more evaluation questions you would add?

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Apps and Ebooks
on ALSC Blog by Kiera Parrott

1. Does it expand and enhance the traditional reading experience?
2. Does it allow a linear reading experience?
3. Does it engage multiple literacies and learning styles?
4. It is intelligently designed? Is it intuitive, flexible and customizable?
5. Does it have legs (i.e., longevity)?

These are good questions. Off the top of my head, in the learner reader context (at least for K-12 but probably all), I’d also add some other questions to consider.

a. Is there content bias in the provider’s app or e-book store?
b. Do in-app functions encourage unacceptable buying and advertising behaviours?
c. Are reading behaviours and social behaviours collected for minors, others? Are they shared or sold?
d. Are there links to other resources or can they be allowed (like links to board or library exntended content and services)?
e. Is authentication simple and are a wide variety of devices and broswers supported?

Any more?


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  1. Kiera Parrott said

    I love your additional questions. At my library, we are currently working on a handout for parents called “What Makes a Great Early Literacy App?” I will definitely be adding these to our list.