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e-Books and p-Books

These are some links I want to keep.  You might find them useful as well.

1. Cold facts: ebook sales are accelerating while print sales are plunging, by John Miedema

October 17, 2011 | at TeleRead

A nice timeline.

2. Google Launches New Book Alerts & Other Services

Hmmmm. This is interesting.  Add this to the Facebook ‘read’ feature and there’s a disturbance in the force.

3. Reader Privacy and E-Books in California – by Grayson Barber

October 14, 2011

About time some overnment started to kead on this issue.

4. 2011 eBook Penetration and Use – LJ/SLJ reports released

via No Shelf Required by spolanka on 12/10/11

“Library Journal and School Library Journal released the results of their 2011 survey of eBook Penetration and use today.  The reports are available for purchase (each individually) and a free download of the TOC is available.”

5. Library Journal’s eBook Survey Shows Dramatic Growth

via ResourceShelf  on 12/10/11

“From The Digital Shift:

The story is the most dramatic in public libraries: 66% of public libraries reported a steep increase in ebook requests, and 82% now offer them. They expect ebook circulation to double this year. That doubling is made possible by more robust collections: public libraries increased their offerings by 185%. In turn, they also have dedicated more of their budgets to ebooks, and expect ebooks to account for about 8% of their materials budget in five years.

Full story >>

Some intriguing stuff here.  How will it all turn out?



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