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How to Write, Launch and Sell Your Informational Ebook

Does your library support creative writing programs?

Do you create course support materials?

Do you have little books, manuals, guides and booklets that users might want to acquire?

Check out this helpful post.  And remember that you don’t have to charge a fee for these materials but ther than that the process is the same.

How to Write, Launch and Sell Your Informational Ebook

by  at Mashable

“Selling ebooks can be a great way to complement your income, gain visibility and build a network around your brand – not to mention, feel satisfied about creating a quality product. But if you’ve never created an ebook before, what’s the best strategy?  While plenty of authors use digital tools to publish fiction, other writers are becoming successful in the how-to and non-fiction genres, …. If you’re looking to share your expertise, this is the type of ebook to aim for.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to writing and selling your first informational ebook, along with practical tips that will help make your launch a success.

1. Create


Hire an editor.

Find a cover designer.

Choose a format.

Format the ebook.

Know your options.

2. Sell

Pick a price.

Choose a platform.

Create a sales page

3. Launch

Throw yourself into promotion.

Add a bonus.

Offer a launch discount.

Create a review package.

I’ve seen a lot of libraries with creative writing clubs, support groups, etc.  Local writers are a great segment to support.  I know my local reference library loves it when big name authors arrive to research their books.

Get your work out there too!




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