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Friday Fun: Baby Names

Watch your name’s popularity:

Baby Name Voyager: Names starting with ‘A’ per million babies

“Many people say that one’s name defines them. William Shakespeare disagreed. But a given name came bring to mind a certain image before someone even meets the person. For instance, the name Ruby. I imagine a female of the Baby Boomer generation. It can define one’s gender, one’s cultural background, or one’s country of origin. It can define more precise things, such as weight, hair color and skin tone. It can be remembered or forgotten. It can change history even!

Take, for instance, Adolf. This may be a common name in Germany, but I have personally never met one. It is often a name that brings to mind evil, and a tiny mustache. So I decided to look up the name. Look it up for yourself to discover some interesting information.”


Hmmmmm, I wonder what the most popular names of authors are in WorldCat?




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