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Expertise: Modesty and humility isn’t working for us.

Librarians are experts. How do we communicate that and believe it. Modesty and humility isn’t working for us.

5 Simple Principles for Becoming an Expert
Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Corbett Barr of Expert Enough.

“There aren’t shortcuts.
Merely direct paths.
Most people don’t take them, because they frighten us.
Things that look like shortcuts are usually detours disguised as less work.
-Seth Godin”

Check out the post to see this advice expanded:

Instead of looking for secrets, rely simply on these best practices for becoming an expert:

1. Realize expert is a relative term.

2. Learn from books and experience.

3. Focus.

4. Get outside help.

5. Make mistakes.

6. What’s on your wish list to learn and do?




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