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Social Media, Small Business and Libraries

Many libraries support small and medium-sized enterprises in thier cities and towns.  Indeed libraries are often the mainstay of SME research.  Some libraries have great relationships with their boards of trade and chambers of commerce.  That’s a great thing. And, the relationship can be bi-directional.  Here’s some stuff from Social Media Examiner blog about small business and social media that gives us insight into what libraries can be accomplishing in our not-for-profit sector.

26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses

Published November 8, 2011

Read it online here.

So there are many opportunities implied in this post from Social Media Examiner.

1. Libraries can take some of their social media skills are market them to SME’s in their cities and towns.

2. There are strong opportunities for partnerships locally.

3. Libraries can take some of this information and target our users too for better connections.



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