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20 Research-Proven Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

OK, you’ve spent the major holiday with family and need this reassurance:

20 Research-Proven Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

1.  You use recreational drugs.

2. You’re a liberal.

3. You’re a guy who doesn’t sleep around.

4. You don’t believe in God.

5. You’re the oldest child.

6. Your Mom had really bad morning sickness.

7. You were a teenage virgin.

8. You come from a really smart family.

9. Your mom didn’t eat tuna or other Mercury-containing food while she was pregnant  with you.

10. You don’t smoke cigarettes.

11. You were breast fed.

12. You took music lessons.

13. You’re not an avid texter.

14. You’re a lefty.

15. You’re a night owl.

16. You’re tall.

17. You have blue eyes.

18. You have a big brain.

19. You’re internet savvy.

20. You’re skinny.


I’m right handed . . . 😉




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