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Hathi Trust Personas

I have an ongoing interest in using personas to develop products that align more closely with end user needs and psychographics.  I was delighted to discover this work from the Hathi Trust:

HathiTrust Personas

In 2011, the HathiTrust UX Advisory Group developed a set of personas to represent users of the HathiTrust Digital Library. The seven personas draw from past usability evaluations, user research, user-generated comments and feedback, web analytics, observations of use collected by the UX Advisory Group and their colleagues, and other sources. The purpose of the personas is to help staff working on HathiTrust (developers, policy makers, user experience designers and researchers, reference and instruction librarians, etc.) learn more about HathiTrust users, discover how we can better suit their needs, and identify areas in which to do more in-depth research. If you have questions or comments, please contact Suzanne Chapman (

HathiTrust Personas (7 page PDF)

The Making of the HathiTrust Personas project report



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