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My Guest Stint with the team on the dquarium Bibliotech podcast this week

I was a guest on the dquarium Bibliotech podcast which we recorded on Monday night.  It was real fun but I talked a long time.  My joke was that I am the Fidel Castro of guests.  Anyway, here’s the link to the podcast, but also check out all the other interesting libraryland podcasts with guests like Michael Porter, Michael Stephens, Buffy Hamilton, Paul Biba, Sarah Houghton, David Lee King, or Jan Dawson.  I hear the next show will feature Marshall Breeding.


Bibliotech show #14 for Monday January 16, 2012

Writing Recipes from Planet Akron

Hosts: Kayhan B., Erin Anderson and Doug Mirams

Guest: Stephen Abram

Topics: Stephen Abram, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Markets for Gale Cengage Learning, discusses general library technology topics including research databases and crowd sourcing, ebooks, library innovation, websites, transliteracy, and more.



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