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7 Alternatives to Google Analytics

With many (maybe most libraries) getting more virtual use than in-person, face-to-face use, it is incumbent on us to get really good at measuring and counting and understanding virtual use.

 7 Alternatives to Google Analytics

What alternatives are there?

“Google Analytics fulfills different needs for different people, so your choice of alternatives will really be governed by what you are actually looking for from a solution.  However there is little that Google Analytics offers that is truly unique, which leaves plenty of interesting alternatives to look at. I’ve picked 7 alternatives that should offer something for everyone.”

1. Clicky

2. Mixpanel

3. FoxMetrics

4. Open Web Analytics

5. Kissmetrics

6. Log File Analysis

7. Website Tracking Tools

Check out the full post for details and reasons why you migt want to diversify or use alternatives.



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