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74% of book buyers have never bought an ebook

74% of book buyers have never bought an ebook

via TeleRead & InfoDocket

January 25, 2012

“Last year was widely perceived to be a year of outrageous  e-book growth, but some new research suggests otherwise. According to  new data from Bowker and the Book Industry Study Group, the number of  book buyers who also purchased an e-book increased by 17 percent in  2011, compared to 9 percent in 2010 – well below the 25 to 30 percent  growth that some had hoped for.

E-books now make up 26 percent of adult fiction purchases, compared  to 11 percent of children’s book purchases and 3 percent of cookbook  purchases.

Seventy-four percent of book buyers have never bought an e-book (and  14 percent of those actually own an e-reader or tablet but choose not to  use it to read e-books).

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Yes, the emerging book and reading environment will be a hybrid environment for a very long time.



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