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The Toolkit is GO! Ned Potter’s ‘The Library Marketing Toolkit’ is out now

I’m cross-posting this from Ned Potter’s blog because I want to be supportive of this great project!

“The Toolkit is GO! The Library Marketing Toolkit is out now

The book I spent 2011 writing is finally out! Facet Publishing have printed and released the Library Marketing Toolkit and the pre-orders have been sent.

There are details of what the book contains, and who writes its 27 case studies, elsewhere on this site – but I really like slide-presentations as a way of getting info across in a non-boring way; with that in mind, here’s what you can expect from the book. Chapters, themes covered, case studies, etc.

Still too early for full reviews, but some pre-prints were sent out and have been getting some good feedback:

‘Ned Potter’s book will help any library succeed in creating a community that is aware and engaged in its library. He has written an easy to follow tool kit targeted at the specific marketing needs of librarians that is sure to become a favourite resource for anyone involved in marketing a library. There are case studies from libraries around the world that will inspire you no matter whether your library is large or small. You’ll love this book!’ – NANCY DOWD, AUTHOR OF ‘BITE-SIZED MARKETING’

[The Toolkit] is brilliant and a great addition to the library professional discourse.’ – ANDY WOODWORTH

The Library Marketing Toolkit is packed full of useful, informative and above all practical information about the best ways of getting your message across, and it should be on the shelf of every librarian and information professional who needs to promote the idea of the library and its value in a modern day society.’ – PHIL BRADLEY, CILIP PRESIDENT You can click here to buy in the US, via, or if you’re in Canada you can click to buy via or finally in the UK you can click here to order via Amazon UK – or just get it straight from the publisher.

It’s finally done!”

And a review from Justin Hoenke:



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