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10 hot consumer trends to watch in 2013

10 hot consumer trends to watch in 2013

Trendwatching is out with its 10 CRUCIAL CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2013:

“1. Presumers and Custowners:  Consumers are interested in participating in the funding, launch and growth of (new) products and brands that they love.  So try testing crowdfunding, friends to friends fundraising and a spirit of partnership with your supporters in the new year.

2. Emerging Squared:  We’re seeing a reversal of the old trends of developed markets catering to emerging ones, and emerging markets increasingly provide products and services to developed markets.  How is this international trend affecting your work?  Is there an opportunity to weave this economic force into your programs overseas to speed up the pace of change?

3. Mobile Moments:  Consumers will be doing everything on their mobile devices.  2013 is the year you must make it easy for your supporters (and those you serve) to engage with you on their smartphones.

4. New Life Inside: Eco-products will go from being something you can recycle to something that you can plant.  Apparently it’s the year to put seeds in everything from chopsticks to pencil stubs.  And even Molson Canada beer coasters are made of seed paper.  They grow into a tree when you plant them.  I smell corporate cause marketing partnerships for green organizations!  But move fast, I expect this is a trend that will come and go quickly.

5. App-scriptions: Doctors and hospitals will certify and curate health apps as part of care.  Why not you, too?  If you help people with health conditions, maybe there should be an app for what you do – certified by professionals.

6. Celebration Nation: Emerging market products will celebrate and spotlight national and cultural heritage.  How can you partner with companies to highlight the international cultures you champion?

7. Data My-ning:  Says Trendwatching, “To date, the ‘big data’ discussion has focused on the value of customer data to businesses. In 2013 expect savvy shoppers to start reversing the flow, as consumers seek to own and make the most of their lifestyle data, and turn to brands that use this data to proactively offer customers help and advice on how to improve their behavior and/ or save money.”  I think there is an opening for charities to use this to promote behavioral changes – and giving.

8. Again Made Here: Trendwatching predicts more local manufacturing in established markets like the US, driven by niche marketers, the green movement and on-demand ordering.  New local partners and cause marketing possibilities, perhaps?

9. Full Frontal: Brands can’t just be transparent, they have to aggressive about it.  As they are increasingly held accountable, there is a real opening for do-gooders to pressure companies to be responsible corporate citizens and ethical cause marketers.

10. Demanding Brands:  Brands will also turn the tables and encourage consumers to step up and do good.  Another great opportunity for partnerships in 2013!”



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