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Report: One in Four Canadians Own a Tablet

Report: One in Four Canadians Own a Tablet

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Tablets are rapidly being adopted all around the world, and Canada is no exception.

A new report from the CBC’s Media Technology Monitor shows that  about a quarter of the population had a tablet. The survey was conducted last Fall, and it revealed that the iPad had a dominant share of the market. The survey also showed that most of the rest of the Canadian tablet market was split between Android and the Blackberry Playbook.

Yes, that surprised me too.The survey report showed that 26% of respondents owned a tablet (about the same number as in the US), and about 66% of that number reported owning an iPad. The report also showed that the BB Playbook has had far more success in its native Canada than it has had in the US. It accounted for 15% of the tablets in use in Canada last Fall. A similar number of tablet owners reported owning an Android device.”




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