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Feeling Blue?: 10 Videos That Inspired Us in 2012

Some dayts you can’t avoid the blues, so watch one of these videos:

10 Videos That Inspired Us in 2012

1. Arthur Boorman’s Transformation

Arthur Boorman was a disabled, overweight Gulf War veteran for 15 years. Over and over, doctors told him he’d never walk without the support of crutches again.

On a bit of a whim, he joined a local yoga program, and ended up achieving what almost everyone had told him was impossible.

Watch his story for yourself.

2. Nike ‘Find Your Greatness’ Ad

Originally aired during the Summer Olympics, this Nike commercial — featuring a 12-year-old boy named Nathan — is surprisingly simplistic, but carries a big message: “Greatness is not beyond [Nathan’s] reach, nor is it for any of us.”

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3. Procter & Gamble ‘Thank You, Mom’ Ad

This Procter & Gamble ad, also aired during this summer’s Olympics, was part of its “Thank You, Mom” campaign.

The video shows a number of different kids, all across the world, growing up to eventually compete in the Olympics — with their mothers supporting them during the entire journey.

4. U.S. Olympic Team Tribute To Muhammad Ali

This tribute to Muhammad Ali, created by DJ Steve Porter for Team U.S.A., mixes some of the boxer’s best phrases and glory proclamations with a catchy, pump-you-up-to-the-max beat.

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5. The Last

Wong Fu Productions created this touching short film about a man, played by Glee‘s  Harry Shum, Jr., who is asked by his girlfriend how many people he’s loved before her.

Watch it to see his heartfelt answer.

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6. Hey (St.) Jude

In celebration of its 50th birthday, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital made a buzzing rendition of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” featuring the hospital’s patients singing alongside nurses, doctors and celebrities like Betty White, Michael Jordan and Robin Williams.

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7. Ugly Yet Beautiful

Chester Lee Ridens of Dubuque, Iowa describes himself as “ugly.” Nine months ago, he began posting a series of short video clips to YouTube under the username GuyWithCrazyIdeas.

In this particular short, above, Ridens gives what’s come to be his signature expression — chin tucked in, eyes open wide — while James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” plays in the background.

“Beauty is only skin deep,” he told the Daily Dot, adding that the purpose of his channel is to promote that everyone treat each other with respect and dignity, appearances aside.

Ridens’ YouTube channel currently has more than 8,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed around 3.3 million times, the Daily Dot reports.

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8. Meyers Leonard Reunites With Marine Brother After Two Years

Meyers Leonard, a recently drafted center for the Portland Trailblazers, lost his father at an early age. From that point onward, his older brother, Bailey, took on a fatherly figure role through the hard times that ensued.

In this video, Bailey returns from duty in Afghanistan — unknown to Meyers — to watch his little brother play basketball for the first time in two years (Meyers, at the time, was with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.)

Watch it to see their touching reunion.

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9. With A Piece Of Chalk

This short film, produced by German filmmakers JuBaFilms, tells the story of a young boy overcoming a painful past — problems at home, bullying at school — though breakdancing. Really good breakdancing, we might add.

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10. Military Dad Surprises Family at Football Game

Sergeant First Class Scott Faile was supposed to be in Korea while his family — wife, daughter and son — were being honored as the “military family of the game” during a University of South Carolina football game in early October.

His family stood on the field, surrounded by 85,000 fans, as a message from Faile was played on the stadium’s jumbo screen. What they didn’t expect, though, was to see him walking out onto the field minutes later.

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