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How to Use Email (in 1997)

How to Use Email (in 1997)

“My favorite part of this episode is the then-revolutionary concept that you  could access email (specifically Hotmail) via a web browser.  “Even attachments  show up!” says Sabeer Bhatia, explaining the service.  The service allowed up to  200k of attachments per email, but suggested that in the future “files of a  larger size” could be attached.  Second favorite is the exceptionally long wait  as the JFAX program downloads GSM-encoded voicemail files via a POP connection.   It’s excruciating watching the hosts wait, but boy, I spent a lot of time  waiting for my email in 1997.

Keep an eye out for “How to Defeat a Chain Letter” and “Don’t Spread that  Hoax!” around 21:00.  I’ll need to forward that to everybody I know.”

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