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Visible Minority Librarians of Canada (ViMLoC) Network

Here’s an opportunity to join and participate in one of CLA’s new networks.  If you care about this, join.


Visible Minority Librarians of Canada (ViMLoC) Network

Ways to join ViMLoC (You do not have to be a CLA member to join ViMLoC)

Join our listserv at

Contact one of the founding members listed on the About Us page

Join our LinkedIn group:

Join our Facebook group:

If you have any questions on ViMLoC contact one of the co-moderators – Maha Kumaran (Maha.kumaran@usask.ca306-966-8739) or Heather Cai (heather.cai@mcgill.ca514-398-2760).

Visible Minority Librarians of Canada (ViMLoC) Network was created to:

  • To provide a forum for visible minority librarians across Canada to discuss issues and concerns specifically related to their profession
  • To facilitate the discussion and sharing of information to provide and improve upon information services to multicultural populations
  • To organize professional development activities, such as webinars and workshops to advance the profile and role of Visible Minority Librarians in Canada
  • To liaise with other visible minority library networks in other international organizations such as the American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • All members will be encouraged to contribute content information for workshops, webinars or conference presentations from this network
  • Terms of Reference may be adjusted over time to accommodate future needs or the growth of the network

The network aims to:

  • Connect and represent visible minority librarians in Canada
  • Empower visible minority librarians of Canada by providing professional development support
  • Engage, collaborate and support research in the area of visible minority librarianship
  • Extend support to librarians working with multicultural users and collections

If you would like to offer you support, here is what you can do.  You can join ViMLoC through the discussion list and Facebook page.  You can help ViMLoC grow further in the coming years by helping the network focus on three key issues as mentioned below:

How ViMLoC will engage its members in 2013-2016: ViMLoC members have expressed a desire to be more engaged and have the network focus on 3 key issues in the coming year.

1. We need a clear idea of the number of visible minority librarians in Canada.  ViMLoC will conduct a survey in fall 2013/winter 2014 to determine the number of visible minority librarians in Canada.

2. ViMLoC will address the lack of mentorship among visible minority librarians.  There are many well established minority librarians who are capable of providing mentorship.  ViMLoC will work with interested parties to set up a mentorship program.

ViMLoC is looking for supporters who will help the network succeed in attaining these goals in the coming years.



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  1. Come visit me at the CLA 2013 poster session in Winnipeg to learn more about ViMLoC.

  2. Come visit me at the CLA poster session in WInnipeg.

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