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Fake it til you make it… Act Like a Leader Before You Are One

From HBR Blog: Fake it til you make it…

Act Like a Leader Before You Are One

“If you want to become a leader, don’t wait for the fancy title or the corner office. You can begin to act, think, and communicate like a leader long before that promotion. Even if you’re still several levels down and someone else is calling all the shots, there are numerous ways to demonstrate your potential and carve your path to the role you want.

What the Experts Say

Knock your responsibilities out of the park

Help your boss succeed

Seize leadership opportunities, no matter how small

Look for the white space

Don’t be a jerk

Be cautious when sharing your ambitions

Find role models

Build relationships

Principles to Remember


  • Look for every opportunity to demonstrate your leadership potential, at work and outside the office
  • Support your boss in reaching her goals
  • Find people in positions you aspire to and study what makes them successful


  • Let your ambitions distract you from doing your current job well
  • Exert authority where you don’t have any — use influence to prove your leadership chops
  • Openly discuss your ambitions — it’s safer to take a “show, don’t tell” approach

Case study #1: Focus on solving problems, not getting promoted 

Case study #2: Take any leadership opportunity you can get”




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