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Meet Any Challenge Head On with This Four Step System

A lot of folks feel a bit overwhelmed in library land – so much change, so little energy and leadership. ┬áCheck out this LifeHacker post :

Meet Any Challenge Head On with This Four Step System

“Guy Neyens at Tiny Buddha suggests his own four step process for overcoming the curveballs of life. Guy’s four steps are simple, but work well when used in combination:

  1. Accept and let go.
  2. Observe and decide.
  3. Face your fears and take action.
  4. Practice gratitude.

Rule #1 suggests that we stop blaming ourselves for getting into these predicaments. What happened in the past should stay in the past. Second, you should look at the problem from a detached, unemotional viewpoint, and gather all the facts. Third, you need to get over whatever preconceptions or fears you might have, and enact a solution. His fourth step though is my personal favorite:

You may label problems as such because dealing with them takes you out of your comfort zone. Dealing with them in the correct manner means you are growing as a person. So, learn to be grateful for the challenges in your life, because they make you stronger.”


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