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The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting a Viral Infographic

Have you done a great library land infographic?  Has it gone viral?

The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting a Viral Infographic


Without a great concept, everything else is wasted effort

“For infographics in particular, it’s critically important to develop and execute a great concept. Not every idea works well as an infographic. There are a few criteria to consider when deciding whether or not an infographic is the right medium for your idea:

  • Is the concept visual? Does it have a visual slant or a systems dynamic that can be conveyed in a visual way?
  • Is the concept data-driven? Can a series of ideas and facts be used to tell an effective story?
  • Is the topic focused enough for a single infographic? Have you chosen a topic that can be told in one image series or on a single page?

Once you’ve determined that your topic will work as an infographic, it’s important to consider timeliness and competition. Some aspects to think through include:

  • Is this topic trending right now? Are there discussions on social media that would make this interesting? (A quick look at Google Trends or Twitter Search can help answer that question).
  • If you Google your keywords + the word “infographic”, are there a lot of other infographics on the topic? If so, is your concept unique enough to stand out? Another place to look for related infographics is
  • Do we have enough original data or access to public information to create an interesting narrative?”


Find your narrative thread

Outline your key points

Gather your data

Choose your positioning

Transform your concept into an effective design

Decide what visual approach you want to take

What’s your visual hook?

Choose your color scheme

Design around the data

Test your design

Everything you need to know about promoting an infographic

Infographic SEO and Structure

Set up your home page

Set up embed code

Give it a great keyword-relevant title and alt text

Focus on the target keywords in body copy, URL, and file name

Add a thumbnail for social sharing

Include your URL in the visuals


Syndicate your infographic

Submit to niche blogs

Connect it with guest posts

Disseminate to your audience

Post to relevant groups on LinkedIn






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