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High School Drop Out Rates 1950 and today

Hmmmm . . . interesting data:

Immigration reform’s worst possible defense

via by on 14/06/13

“Readers know I’m a supporter of immigration reform for many reasons, some of which go beyond economics into the realm of America as a welcoming country for those seeking opportunities.  There’s no doubt in my mind that both my own life and that of our nation has been enriched by those who have left their homes to come to America in search of a better life.

But when we defend reform, I think we have a responsibility to stick to the facts as best we can, and I thought this piece went far beyond that threshold, particularly in claiming a shortage of low-wage workers (h/t: KR in comments):

In 1950, according to the Census Bureau, 56% of U.S. workers were high-school dropouts. Today, the figure is less than 5%.

The result is that the pool of people available to fill low-skilled jobs has shrunk dramatically.”



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