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AltaVista was still around?!

Jeez,I do remember when AltaVista was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Then, of course, DEC/Compaq/CMGI destroyed it through neglect and Google did it better.

A Eulogy For AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time

“Goodbye AltaVista. You deserved better than this. Better than the one-sentence send-off Yahoo gave you today, when announcing your July 8 closure date. But then again, you always were the bright child neglected by your parents.

The Amazing AltaVista

You appeared on the search engine scene in December 1995. You made us go “woah” when you arrived. You did that by indexing around 20 million web pages, at a time when indexing 2 million web pages was considered to be big.”

google altavista x

Yahoo To Shutter AltaVista, Axis & Several More Products

“Goodbye AltaVista

Yahoo says AltaVista will be shutting down on July 8th.

AltaVista launched way back in 1995, when you practically had to walk uphill in the snow — both ways — in order to find anything on the internet. It was the first full-text web search product and became a popular online destination. I remember it being scary good for that era. But several ownership changes hurt AltaVista and, of course, Google came along and became the web’s dominant search engine.”



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