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How to present your academic research support service offer online

5 Library Website Approaches to Research Support

A great post from  that gives examples of ways to present library research support services for students and faculty.

How to present your research support service offer online

“This year I have looked at over 80 academic libraries and their online research support service offering. This post focuses on how libraries present such services online. If a researcher comes to a library website with a question, what does the entry point to library research support services look like?

First of all, what research support services are offered online is influenced by a number of aspects, e.g. local research support policy, strategy and responsibilities in research support or how research-heavy the organisation is, the size of the institution and its user-base of researchers. The range and types of services on offer are dependent on the resources available to serve academic staff.

Secondly, how this offering is presented online is exposed to a number of other factors. In many cases, the library site’s content and look and feel will be influenced by the limitations of the local institution’s corporate design, where an organisation is in its website redesign, or by the flexibility or lack of flexibility in current institutional web designs and implementation processes. In these contexts, what entry-point does the researcher get to when searching for assistance and information on the library website?

I have selected 5 examples that show 5 different library approaches to providing access to research support services for academics. These examples have not been selected on their merits of how research support should be presented online. They have rather been chosen to show a handful of instances of how it can be done. The following have been highlighted here:

1. Humboldt State University Library, Germany

2. U of T Research, University of Toronto Libraries, Canada

3. Library Research Support, Library Services, King’s College London, UK

4. Research Support, The University Library, University of Southampton, UK

5. RESEARCHER@LIBRARY, Leeds University Library, UK

NB This post refers to the status of websites on 10 November 2013.”


More details and discussion after this link:


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