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15 Trends That Are Shaping The Future

15 Trends That Are Shaping The Future

“We’ve picked 15 of SAP’s “99 Facts On The Future Of Business” to give you a taste of where we are and where we’re headed. Click through to find out which trends are shaping our lives, and read more about SAP’s Conversations on the Future of Business.”

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  1. It may be gutless, but social media makes it a lot easier to break up with people.
  2. We check our phones every 9.6 minutes (in a 24-hour day).
  3. The amount of content on the Internet keeps growing at an astounding rate.
  4. We’re watching more and more video online.
  5. We’re curious about what our friends do and where they go.
  6. We listen to complete strangers when deciding what to buy. Sorry, Mom.
  7. If customer service is rude to us, we’ll leave and never come back.
  8. We care about how we’re treated when we buy things.
  9. If we have a bad customer experience, we’ll remember it.
  10. For all the competition over cellphone data plans, we still use Wi-Fi whenever we can.
  11. We’re starting to measure every move we make.
  12. Dads are getting better about sharing the housework.
  13. There are still too many low-paying jobs in the world.
  14. There’s a huge chance we’re going to run out of water.
  15. … While other places might flood.



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