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Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

Via HBR Blog:

These are all great questions that libraries should try to answer and then adjust their organization design appropriately.  Is our design aligned with operations or intent?

“An effective organization design model guides a manager in answering five fundamental questions in a thoughtful and well-integrated way.

What is the business’s value proposition and its sources of competitive advantage? 

Which organizational activities directly deliver on that value proposition—and, by contrast, which activities can the company afford to perform in a way equivalent to competition? 

Which organization structure should we choose, and how do we overcome its inherent downsides? 

What type of leadership and culture are required to achieve the value proposition? 

Which organizational practices are required to reinforce the organizational intent?”

I hear a lot of library leader bemoan how the situation where their organization design, vulture and processes gets in the way of achieving success.  These questions are a good start on fixing a major issue.  So many libraries are organized like the Salvation Army or quasi-military command and contorl structures instead of community, vision, or strategy-centric organizations.


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