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New Research: Canadian Readers by the Numbers

New Research: Canadian Readers by the Numbers

Via  at LJ InfoDocket

“Some new research findings from BookNet Canada.

From the Introduction:

As part of BookNet’s research into the Canadian book buyer, we have been running a small survey of Canadians’ reading and leisure habits over the last 3 years. This is a survey we conduct in January/February each year. Where our book-buying research is focused on book buyers, this research is meant to focus more on how Canadians spend their leisure time and, more specifically, on how and when they are reading books (in any format). As has been the case with book buyers, Canadians’ reading habits are also changing.

The blog post includes findings and discussions for the questions:

  • Amount of Leisure Time Reading (Which leisure activities would you say are your top 2 choices for spending your free time?)
  • Percentage of Canadians Who Read a Book Last Year (Did you read a book in the last year?)
  • Format Breakdown (Did you read a print/digital/audio book in the last year?)
  • Acquisition of Books (How did you acquire most of your print/digital books?)
  • Devices (Which devices do you currently own?)
  • Devices (What type of device do you primarily read your ebooks on)

Here’s the Finding Re: Acquisition of Books

It should come as no surprise that ebooks are mostly acquired online (67%) and that print books are mostly acquired in physical stores (45%), but it is interesting that readers acquire their ebooks (18%) and print books (20%) at about the same level from the library.

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