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Pew:A new way of looking at public library engagement in America

A new way of looking at public library engagement in America

“We recently released our latest report, a typology of public library engagement in America. Using the data behind our previous report on how people value libraries in their communities, this typology divides Americans into nine groups that reflect different patterns of public library engagement along a general spectrum of high,mediumlow, and non-engagement.

This approach is a little new for us. Our previous reports have explored topics such as what people do at libraries and library websites or how Americans value individual library services based on traditional factors such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, and household income, but this typology moves beyond basic demographic descriptions. Instead, we used statistical analysis to cluster individuals into groups based on their usage of, views toward, and access to libraries, in order to discover larger insights about how libraries fit into American culture. The following table provides an overview of the typology groups.”

Library engagement typology overview



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