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Efficient Social Media Librarian: 10+ Awesome Resources to Populate Library Social Media

I almost called this post Lazy Librarian Strategies but thought that was so wrong.  Some of the best ideas are ‘borrowed’.  And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Anyway, it’s just hard to come up with a few new ideas that are awesome every single day to populate our social media feeds and engage and communicate with our members, users, borrowers, etc.

So, here is a random list of stuff and sources I’ve used to consider adding to your RSS feeds for ‘borrowing’, linking, or inspiration:

1. Tumblrarians

2. Someecards

3. Libraries using Facebook Pages

4. Pinterest
Search: Library, Libraries, Reading, etc.

5. Flickr

Search: Library, Libraries, Reading, etc.

I really like the book sculpture/carving pictures and book shelves for ideas. 

6. Getty Images

7.  Ben Bizzle, whom I met this year at Internet Librarian and cool guy at Joneboro Public Library, has created this Dropbox group:

Library Facebook Images

It’s an open group for you to get images and to share your’s with other library folk.  If you want an invite to the group, just send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you an invite.

If you want to see more of Ben’s work, check out his blog:

I liked this particular post wth 5 good pieces of advice for library Facebookers:

Facebook After Hours

8. Facebook pages 

I follow a  few innovative social media innovative libraries so try surfing these ones:

Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library (Ben Bizzle & team)

San Rafael Public Library (Sarah Houghton and team)

Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (David Lee King and team)

Darien Library (John Blyberg and team)

I just like their style…

What are your faves?  Share in the comments.

9.  Creative Commons search engines for photos and videos

Infographic Creative Commons: free photos for bloggers 

Creative Commons Search

Flickr: Creative Commons

Google Advanced Image Search

Flickr Blue Mountain

Wikimedia Commons

Pixabay (public domain photos)

PicDrome (public domain photos)

TinEye (search by CC images by color)

Copyright Friendly Music and Sound

Copyright-friendly Toolkit Smore

10. Lastly, if you’re like me a lot of your Facebook and Twitter followers and friends are library folk.   

And they post the most inspiring infographics, drawings, photos, graphics, videos (just search TED, YouTube, Vimeo, Upworthy and find cool embeddable stuff) and humour.

If you dare, you make nearly anything visual work in a library setting with a small degree of photo-shopping skills.


Of course, check out the copyright but many of these are CC searchable.

Know of others?  Share in the comments.



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  1. Library Facebook Images – can you let me in the group? My fb domain name is /sarah.gallagher2
    I am an admin on the Yukon Public Libraries facebook page.

  2. Stephen Abram said

    Invitation on its way to Dropbox for ‘Library Facebook Images’

  3. Library Facebook Images, a request if you to join the group- I admin the following Facebook pages
    1. St. Ambrose University library and
    2. RiverShare Libraries Thanks!

  4. Stephen Abram said


  5. Don’t forget Libraries & social media – one of the best groups at facebook.