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Five Best Book Recommendation Services

Five Best Book Recommendation Services





Reddit’s BookSuggestions Subreddit

And one called Olmenta that I don’t recognize and my filters claim is a known malware site so don’t trust it..

“The honorable mentions this week go out to Your local library or indie bookstore. A number of you noted that there’s nothing wrong with heading to your local library and asking a librarian what to read—after all, they’re the most familiar with their own stacks, and have plenty of suggestions, tips, and thoughts of their own to offer you. Whether you’re looking for some new, hot title or you want to dive into more obscure areas of literature, you shouldn’t overlook your local library, and the hard-working, highly-trained people that work there. P

Similarly, many of you suggested heading to your local independent bookstore, especially if you’re looking for niche or specialty books on highly specific topics. Looking for books on specifically political topics, or independently published authors whose books are on limited release? Indie bookstores are where you need to go—and the people that work there are likely to have suggestions for you too. I remember my days working in a bookstore: Each of us had a specialty area we were happy to talk about. 



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