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Enterprise (intranet) Search

An interesting post from Steve Arnold for special librarians and more.  Check it out.

13 Career Jeopardizing Enterprise Search Issues

“13 Users don’t like the new system or the old system, for that matter. Dissatisfaction with enterprise search, regardless of vendor, runs at 55 to 70 percent.

12 No one pays attention to search costs until the CFO conducts an audit. Cost overruns plague nine out of 10 enterprise search deployments.

11 Open source search and proprietary search solutions differ little in costs.

10 Many major enterprise search systems are now based on open source software. The reason is that the cost for the basic functions are rising and are difficult to control. Therefore, vendors use open source and concentrate on extra cost add ons.

9 Every enterprise search system struggles to process content without human intervention, additional “connectors,” extract transform load activities, and original scripting.

8 Latency creates a problem because new or changed content imposes significant costs on the licensee to cope with the need to process content in near real time and then refresh the indexes whether these are state of the art in memory systems or old style spinning discs and cached methods.

7 Modern systems include adds on that permit faceting, query expansion, and linguistic functions.

6 Users typically do not conduct a thorough, research librarian type of investigation of query results.

5 Enterprise search scaling is expensive and complex.

4 Interface does not improve precision and recall of a search system.

3 Search with text mining functions often rely on standard methods and algorithm  configurations that licensees cannot modify without specialist training.

2 Search appliances are not money savers.

1 Enterprise search systems are more alike than different. “

More details past the link.


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