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My Information Outlook Columns 2013-2014

I’m a little behind on posting my Information Outlook Columns from 2013-2014. So here they are (note these are the copies before my wonderful editor makes them better. The final columns are on the website):

Information Outlook Column (Nov/Dec 2013 online issue)

We’re Different: Influencing Skills and Special Librarians

Read it here. IOColumn_114

Information Outlook Column (Jan/Feb 2013 issue)

Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps

Read it here: IOColumn_111

Information Outlook Column (Mar/Apr 2013 online issue)

Librarians: The Next Generation

Read it here: IOColumn_112 (1)

Information Outlook Column (Sept/Oct 2013 online issue)

The Next Generation Intranets

Read it here: IOColumn_113

Information Outlook Column (Apr/May 2014 Issue: Info Tech)

Information Professionals and Our Scalability Problem

Read it here: IOColumn_106

Information Outlook Column (Sep/Oct. Issue 2014: Info Tech Online issue)

Are We Experts?

Read it here: IOColumn_114



Computers in Libraries

Spring 2013

Upping Our Game: Unlocking the Real Value in Libraries:

Leading on Transformational Analytics and Getting off The Hits Train

Read it here: NFAIS-article




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