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Faculty Usage of Library Tools in a Learning Management System

Via Roy Tennant:

Leeder, Chris, and Steven  Lonn. “Faculty Usage of Library Tools in a Learning
Management System”  College & Research Libraries  75(5)(September 2014):
641-663. ( – The authors of this
article sought to learn more about the attitudes and behaviors of faculty
regarding the use of library widgets in the learning management system (LMS) at
their institution. The authors surveyed faculty in the ten departments that were
identified as the heaviest users of these LMS-based library resources,
collecting demographic data as well as information on faculty awareness and use
of the widgets. (As a comparison, small group of librarians who have access to
some course sites were also surveyed.) The authors found that those who used
these resources had been employed as faculty longer than those who did not, and
indicated that they were more experienced in conducting library research.
However, overall awareness of the tools was low – even among users of the
widgets. Despite this, faculty responses indicated a positive opinion of
librarians, demonstrating an opening for the library to rethink how they
publicize and support the widgets, and where to focus their efforts in order to
have the most impact. An interesting read for any librarian trying to determine
how best to integrate library resources into the LMS, or improve an existing
implementation. – AC


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