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The Value of Information Professionals

The Value of Information Professionals

Via TaxoDiary

“CMS Wire brought this news to our attention in their article, “Library Science, Not Library Silence.”

This article lifts up the “Top 5 DAM Benefits of an Information Professional.”

  • Taxonomy construction — Where does one start? What has worked for others? Which categorization methods lead to corners? Which are most scalable?
  • Metadata perspective — What are some best practices in use of structured metadata, including menus, controlled vocabularies, etc. When are free-form text fields better?
  • Policy authoring — What does DAM policy look like? What happens without it? How does one monitor and measure it?
  • User education — Until DAMs get to the point where they are more advanced and intuitive, some training will be involved. Good training curriculum flows as an extension of user experience design: What the UI can’t make obvious, the training covers. But who’s going to do that training or write those how-to guides?
  • Vendor advisories — Do vendors really know how controlled vocabularies should be used? Vendors listen to users, but users aren’t always experts. Don’t leave industry analysis to industry analysts. Write up some teaser reviews and send them to product managers. Show us vendors what we’re missing.”

Read the whole article.  I love the phrase ‘preemptive intelligence analyst’.



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