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Say Goodbye to the Original Yahoo Directory

Say Goodbye to the Original Yahoo Directory

Ahhh, nostalgia.  Maybe this was a fool’s errand.  I recall that if we hired every single librarian in the world to index the web (only after closing it today to remove the moving target), that it would take thousands of years. I also recall when Yahoo! acquired (?) the Open Directory Project where volunteers (often librarians)  beavered away at indexing the web.  Of course, we still can access the Librarian’s Index to the Internet which merges with the Internet Public Library here.

“Over at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan does a tremendous job giving Yahoo Directory the tribute that Yahoo itself should have provided. Sullivan also offers historical context for the importance of the directory — which as he aptly says, was “once the Internet’s most important search engine.””

That said, it  was the best at the time and there are a few start-ups trying to do this again.  I wish them well – especially those that are trying to remain ‘pure’.  There must be room for a truly curated index that depends on quality and not commercial interests, SEO, click farms, and consumer ‘votes’.  But is there a business model that’s sustainable?

RIP, Yahoo Directory.


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