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Seven Reasons the Flipped Classroom Matters

Seven Reasons the Flipped Classroom Matters

“These principles, and your future flipped class, look like this…

1. Faculty spend less time answering basic questions and more time engaging in activities and discussions that accomplish higher-level learning goals.
2. Students help each other to fill in knowledge gaps using language that makes sense them as peers, and defend their solutions to challenging real-world problems.
3. Structured readings, activities, and discussions enable students to focus more quality time on learning.
4. Students receive consistent feedback during every course meeting and can more readily adapt to achieve success.
5. Students come to class having done the reading, ready to work and become responsible for their own learning.
6. Students spend class time actively and collaboratively solving problems and practicing discipline-specific skills.
7. Working in teams during class enables students to hear alternative viewpoints and bring their individual talents to the discussion.”


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