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New Report Reviews Public Library E-Lending Models in Use Around the World

New Report Reviews Public Library E-Lending Models in Use Around the World

The following report (119 pages; in English) was produced by Dan Mount, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Civic Agenda EU for Taalunie, Bibnet and (National Library of the Netherlands).

Direct to Full Text Report (PDF)

From the Executive Summary:

This study has reviewed 18 different e-lending models across 15 different countries in Europe and North America. In the case of Norway and the United Kingdom two different e-lending models were covered.

A list of the e-lending models can be found below:

1. Belgium, Flanders – E-Boeken in de bib
2. Czech Republic –
3. Estonia – ELLU
4. Denmark – eReolen
5. France – PNB / Bibook
6. Finland – E-Books for Public Libraries / Ebib
7. Germany – divibib
8. Netherlands – Dutch Digital Library
9. Norway – Arts Council Norway e-Lending Pilot
10. Norway –
11. Slovenia – Biblos Lib
12. Spain – eBiblio
13. Sweden –
14. United Kingdom / England – Arts Council e-Lending Pilot (four projects)
15. United Kingdom / Wales – e-Books for Wales

North America:
1. United States / California – enki – Califa Library Group
2. United States / Massachusetts – MA e-Book Project
3. Canada / Quebec – PRETNUMERIQUE.CA

This report has drawn upon a broad range of inputs including existing commercial surveys of national and international e-book markets and existing library community publications on e-lending.

In addition, given that in many countries and regions library e-lending is often in a state of relative infancy, this study has relied upon two additional mechanisms to collect primary evidence and data:

Online survey – comprised of 52 questions completed by individuals responsible for the management and administration of each e-lending model

Phone / Skype research interviews – to collect direct input from 30 individuals responsible for the management and administration of each e-lending model – predominantly from the library community, but with a few exceptions

Direct to Full Text Report (PDF)



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