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3 Technology Trends that Marketers Should Watch in 2015

3 Technology Trends that Marketers Should Watch in 2015

  1. “Connected life platforms are emerging – The Internet of Things is officially a thing. As devices proliferate and start to work together, connected objects will become platforms for your life. They’ll help you with the things you do every day – from entertainment to driving to taking care of your home.
  2. Mobile shapes the Internet of Me – Your smartphone is getting smarter. As the hub for all these connected platforms, it can use lots of data to create better, personalized experiences. The Internet of Things is becoming an Internet of Me – all to simplify your life.
  3. The speed of life gets even faster – Online or off, we can now get information, entertainment, and services in the exact moment we want them. These quick moments of decision making happen constantly – and the more connected we are, the more they’ll happen.”


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