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Changing TV and video watching habits

A few nails in the DVD coffin:

Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming

“About two in five American households now subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus, according to a new report from the media measurement company Nielsen that tracked the penetration of the digital offerings.

The research sheds light on the popularity of a fast-growing segment of television watching that has been difficult to track because the digital companies release few numbers about how many subscribers they have and what those people are watching. Nielsen, for instance, does not measure the audiences for shows streamed on Netflix or Amazon.

Netflix, which counts 40 million paid subscribers in the United States, ranked at the top in terms of penetration, with about 36 percent of households subscribing to the service in November, Nielsen said Wednesday in its Total Audience Report. Amazon Prime came next at 13 percent during the same period, followed by Hulu Plus at 6.5 percent.”

Millennials are bailing on traditional TV

“Those whacky millennials are dumping traditional TV, according to data from Nielsen charted for us by BI Intelligence. They are watching 40 minutes less of traditional TV on a daily basis than they were two years ago. ”
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