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Three Top Study Strategies from Dr. Christine Harrington

Three Top Study Strategies from Dr. Christine Harrington

“In Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, Second Edition, Dr. Harrington goes over a four-step process—”organize, review, test, and teach”—that can help students reinforce what they’ve learned. Below, a summary of her tips:

  1. Organize: Gather all your learning materials (class notes, readings, and so on) to create your own “study guide.” Don’t just copy things down verbatim; take the time to write them out as you’d share or explain them to a friend. Put your critical-thinking skills to work by drawing connections among the various ideas and concepts. Include relevant examples that illustrate key points.
  2. Review: Go over these notes several times. Revisit them over the course of several study sessions.
  3. Test: Give yourself an exam! Create your own quiz, or use ones provided by your instructor or by the publisher of your learning materials. (Many of Cengage Learning’s books are accompanied by quizzes, reviews, and other study tools, available on CengageBrain.)
  4. Teach: Reinforce your knowledge by telling a study partner or friend what you’ve learned. (Harrington, 70)”


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