“Yesterday we brought you the 10 most popular articles by Search Engine Watch’s guest writers, now it’s time to list those produced by our editorial team. 

So, with the largest number of pageviews first, here’s the top 10…

1. 12 good, bad and ugly web design trends for 2016

Chris Lake takes the top spot with a look at web design trends over the past year or so.

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2. 14 ways to reduce your site’s bounce rates


3. Google mobilegeddon has officially arrived

4. Internal linking for SEO: examples and best practices

5. How to completely dominate Google’s first page

6. 8 ways content marketing and SEO can work together

7. 10 years of Google Analytics… and 10 features you’re probably not using

8. How do I get a search box to appear in my site’s search results?

9. Do you have to come first in search anymore?

10. How cannibalisation can harm your search rankings