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Does Your Library Transform Lives?

Does Your Library Transform Lives? 
“A few months ago, ALA announced their new public awareness campaign called Libraries Transform.
From the clean and bright design to the message behind it. It is so positive. It moves the conversation from how libraries are obsolete to how libraries are making a difference in people’s lives RIGHT NOW. This is so desperately needed today as we fight to stay open and to change public perception of who we are.

This design says the message loud and clear:

Examples of some of their signs.

But since it was announced back in October, I haven’t seen any libraries in my area jump on the bandwagon. I follow many listservs and I don’t even see this campaign mentioned in their email signatures. And I wonder why not.

  • Do people not know about this campaign?
  • Did it fall off of our to-do list, as we try to squeeze a million things in our day?
  • Or, perhaps, people have opted to not participate?”



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