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Six essential steps to present data persuasively

Six essential steps to present data persuasively

“The graphic method has considerable superiority for the exposition of statistical facts over the tabular. A heavy bank of figures is grievously wearisome to the eye, and the popular mind is as incapable of drawing any useful lessons from it as of extracting sunbeams from cucumbers.”

-Arthur Briggs Farquhar and Henry Farquhar fromEconomic and Industrial Delusions

1. Before you get into the data, set up the situation

2. Have one clear takeaway per slide, fix broken, confusing or misleading visualizations

3. Present data as simply & cleanly as possible (now let’s see some good examples)

4. Always present data with context – never assume people know what you do, even your own team

5. Have additional details in an appendix, but you don’t need to go through it

6. Have a ‘next steps’ slide where you summarize exactly what you want accomplished next

Bonus tip: review your slides/presentation before you present


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