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Core Customer Study Analyzes Library Demographics

Core Customer Study Analyzes Library Demographics

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core-customer-intelligence-cover-page-001“A new report published March 29, “Core Customer Intelligence: Public Library Reach, Relevance, and Resilience,” brings together market segmentation from ten public library systems across the United States to explore how libraries can examine and act on granular data about their core customers—the 20 percent of cardholders who check out the most physical materials. Using 2014 customer and checkout data to group top library users by lifestyles, interests, preferences, and behaviors, the study, which was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as part of the 2014 Leadership Grant Program, drills down into community demographics to reveal that core customers aren’t found in any one segment of the population but occur across all lines, reflecting the diversity of their communities.”

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