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The MP3 Is Dead—Long Live the MP3 (Maybe)

OK, as an old fa#t, I have been through vinyl, tape, cassettes, CD, (avoided the wax cylinder by being born too late)  etc.  So here we go again in library land:

The MP3 Is Dead—Long Live the MP3 (Maybe)

” the MP3 first came out in the 1990s, it was a revolutionary digital audio coding format that significantly reduced the file size of audio content. It dropped sizes by 95 percent. This changed the culture around listening to music: people could carry a massive number of songs on a small device instead of lugging around physical CDs.

But after being “on life support” for years, as NPR calls it, MP3s have been pronounced dead by their creators: the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.

The German research body, which funded the technology and owned the patent rights to MP3s, terminated its licensing hold on the format after 22 years. The technology has become obsolete in light of “more efficient audio codecs” that offer advanced features, says the group in a press release.”

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