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Make their day, Own-a-day! Library Revenue Ideas


This method and many more are described in my latest book, published by ALA Editions. 40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and Nonprofits, by Edmund A. Rossman III, can be found in the ALA store here:

Make their day, Own-a-day!


“”That one day that is theirs may make an impact for a lifetime.”

Thinking outside the box doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel! There are a lot of tried and true methods of revenue generation that are right in front of us every day, they just require a little nudge to implement. This article is designed to give a little nudge towards the “Own a Day” Naming Rights concept. It’s used by commercial as well as nonprofit organizations alike, and the particular version I write about in this article is an award winning application in the library field. I like it because it can foster bonding with the public, as well as partnerships within the business community. It also integrates a number of broadcasting operations procedures that are important for other revenue generating methods. But the best part is…it can generate thousands of dollars in new revenue while reflecting the love of the library in the community!

In the Own-a-Day method, someone’s name is placed in all available spaces on an organizations’ promotional channels, like the website, a calendar of events and even on all the receipts slips for that day. They are also featured on other electronic media like emailed newsletters, the library Facebook page and Twitter account.”


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