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IFLA Releases Library Map of the World

 Via Kim Silk:

“In an effort to strengthen advocacy for libraries at the global, regional and national levels, IFLA officially launched the Library Map of the World project at IFLA’s WLIC 2017 in Wrocław. The purpose of the map is to provide basic information about the state of the libraries around the world.

IFLA Library Map of the World

A set of selected library metrics provide national level library data across all types of libraries in all regions of the world. Country-level metrics include:

  • number of libraries
  • libraries with Internet access
  • number of full-time staff
  • number of volunteers
  • number of registered users
  • number of in-person visits
  • number of physical loans
  • number of electronic loans

This is only the beginning of this very exciting project; announced at WLIC 2016 in Columbus, when data collection commenced, IFLA continues to seek feedback to put more countries on the map and to increase the data and evidence that will strengthen our combined advocacy efforts.”


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