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How writers can beat imposter syndrome

How writers can beat imposter syndrome

How writers can beat imposter syndrome

  • “Know that it’s okay to feel like an imposter – You’re gonna feel this feeling. It’s an inevitability. You have to let yourself just feel it and try to let it wash over you. Trust that it’s normal and a part of the process and don’t beat yourself up over it. And most importantly: don’t let it overwhelm or paralyze you.
  • Get in touch with why you’re writing – Are you writing for external validation, for the fame and glory and riches? If so: good luck, my friend! More likely, and more meaningfully: you’re writing because it’s fun. Because you want people to find meaning in the places where you’ve found meaning. Because you’re experiencing the world more deeply and seeing things you didn’t see before because you’re stopping to think about them and put them into words. If you’re writing for the right reasons it’s not possible to be a fraud.
  • Lean on your people – Writing is by nature a solitary activity. There’s no substitute for blocking out the world and staring at a computer or notepad. All the more reason to come up for air and engage with the people around you and let them support you. If you find people who truly believe in you and your work: cherish these people like the articles of pure magic they are. Just as importantly: believe them.
  • Fear the right things – As everyone from Eminem to Alexander Hamilton (okay the fictional one) has said: you only have one shot. Don’t blow it. Make sure you fear throwing away your chance because you failed to go after your dreams more than you fear some random person denting your feelings.

At the end of the day, you can’t truly beat this feeling, but it’s so important to charge through.”



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