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How to Be More Creative

How to Be More Creative

“1. Ask yourself WHY you want to become more creative

2. Realize you already are creative

3. Identify what blocks your creativity

4. Remember a time when you were creative

5. Define what you mean by “creative”

6. Identify a project, goal, or vision you want to be creative about

7. Immerse

8. Re-frame failure

9. Identify and go beyond your limiting assumptions

10. Stay inspired and fascinated

11. Ask WHAT IF (and other powerful questions)

12. Make connections between seemingly disparate elements

13. See through others’ eyes

14.Pay attention to your subconscious

15. Suspend logic and linearity

16. Trust your instincts, intuition, and hunches

17. Entertain the fantastic

18. Collaborate

19. Have fun

20. Look for happy accidents

21. Change environments

22. Be comfortable with ambiguity

23. Acknowledge your progress

24. Give and receive feedback

25. Honor the Polarities”


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