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The Extinction of Libraries: Why the Predictions aren’t Coming True

The Extinction of Libraries: Why the Predictions aren’t Coming True

“For what purpose do libraries exist? For books, right?

The purpose of libraries has always been a hub for information. Our need for information has not changed just the way we receive the information has.

Five years ago Forbes published an article asking this very question, “Will Public Libraries Become Extinct” ( and the answer in the article was yes, in fact the prediction was that we would see a decline within 5 years and within 15 years, poof they will be gone.

Just 5 years prior to this prediction the Pew Research Center released a study that indicated that “Libraries drew visits by more than half of Americans (53%) in the past year for all kinds of purposes, not just the problems mentioned in the survey. And young adults in tech-loving Generation Y (age 18-30) led the pack. Compared with their elders, Gen Y members were the most likely to use libraries for problem-solving information and in general patronage for any purpose. Furthermore, young adults are the most likely to say they will use libraries in the future when they encounter problems: 40% of Gen Y say they would do that, compared with 20% of those above age 30 who say they would go to a library.” (

We have seen a surge in library usage since this study as libraries helped people everywhere during the “Great Recession” and continue to be not only valid but thriving.  Why is this?”


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