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12 Reasons Why Most Innovation Labs Are Failing

12 Reasons Why Most Innovation Labs Are Failing

12 Reasons Why Most Innovation Labs are Failing

Digital innovation laboratories are everywhere — and observant onlookers have had a few years to evaluate the results.

They are failing in their primary mission. This is not for lack of trying, but because they unwittingly apply patterns of behavior that destine them to underperform.

“I realised then that a lack of ownership at the core of a company is a hurdle. There were too many detractors, people on the sidelines, taking potshots.” – Piyush Gupta, CEO DBS

1. Innovation Labs are Invisible to the BUs

2. Undervaluing Return on Investment (ROI)

3. Focusing on Tech, Ignoring People

4. Carte Blanche to Innovate Brings Pitfalls

5. Hiring Extremes

6. A Big Plan with No Stepping Stones

7. Build vs. Buy

8. Poor Project Management

9. Meaningless Hackathons

10. Undue Focus on Disruption

11. The CIO/CTO/CINO Dilemma

12. Inflated Expectations


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  1. This is very similar to the critiques of business incubators from decades ago. In my opinion, throwing what we used to call funny money (meaning little oversight or accountability) at problems tends not to work very well.